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Most people build a business and try to fit their life around it. This rarely works and we end up being stressed and resenting our work. The solution to this is to do the opposite and create a business that allows us to live the life we want now. In this workshop we will be working on what you really want in life and ensuring you aren't waiting for a time in the future to be happy and fulfilled in the work you do.


The quality of our relationships determine the quality of our life, but most of us don’t take time to define our ideal clients and ensure their values align with our. This workshop is all about getting clear on who your aspirational clients are and how you can find and work with them.


Our products and services determine the quality of our business. This workshop will be focused on ensuring your services are solving a significant problem for your clients and are being presented in a way that communicates value.


Numbers is a subject that most creative freelancers hate and that is why it is even more important to dedicate a day to deconstructing them. We all have an idea of what we would like to be earning, but have we worked out exactly how to get there?


Marketing and sales are at the core of every successful freelancer and small business, yet in my experience, it is one of the most neglected aspects of business. If you are good at what you do, you probably have lots of great referrals, but what happens when they stop coming in? How do you find new work? This session focuses on developing systems and processes that will get you oversubscribed with high value clients all year round.


Attending a course can often feel like you are learning lots of valuable information and making great progress at the time, but after it has finished, it can be easy to lose momentum fail to implement what you have learned. I have experienced this myself on several occasions and am determined not to let it happen in my own course. The final workshop is about creating systems and processes that will allow you to sustain moment and gain value long after the course has finished.

Who should apply?

This six week programme is designed for talented, ambitious freelancers and small business working within the creative industries who want to take their life and business to the next level. It will focus on helping you to create a consistent income from high value clients that allow you to do meaningful, creatively fulfilling work.

The programme isn't just about content, this is a place where you can meet like minded individuals who will help you to move forward and push you towards your goals. You will be expected to step outside of your comfort zone and put what you have learnt into practice. We have an extensive network of mentors and creative professionals with years of industry experience, who can provide you with the tools, resources and support you need to achieve your goals. This course is not for recent graduates or freelancers that do not have a strong portfolio of work, you will be expected to prove commercial viability. These criteria are set to ensure participants get the maximum value from the programme as well being surrounded by people who are at a similar stage in their career.

Topics include

  1. Establishing your values and aligning them with your brand tone of voice
  2. How to make your business stand out in a competitive and overcrowded market
  3. Setting goals and creating milestones to ensure you are moving in the direction you want to go
  4. Finding your niche and attracting high value clients.
  5. Creating financial stability to allow you to focus on doing work you love.
  6. Using technology to leverage your brand and create more exposure for your work
  7. Creating a sustainable business that grows over time

Your head coach

Having worked as a freelancer in the creative industries for more than half a decade, Matt is familiar with the journey. Despite being able to generate a decent income as a freelancer, he often struggled to find fulfilment and purpose in his work. Once he learnt and applied the principles he now teaches, Matt managed to transform his life and business into something he is truly passionate about. He now uses his skills as a coach to help freelancers and small business, go from overworked and underpaid to oversubscribed and creatively fulfilled.

What we want from you

  1. Trust in the process - some of the work we do in session one produces results in session six. Stay with it, push through impatience and frustration and trust that we are moving you towards the goal as quickly as possible.
  2. Don’t let fear win - on the programme we will give you additional work to do that requires you to get resourceful and step outside of your comfort zone. In moments of discomfort, keep your eye on the prize - we are on your side, fighting your corner.
  3. Do the work - even when you are busy - we assume you are busy and have other commitments, but we also assume you are driven and resourceful. In order to get the most from this programme, you must complete the work we give you. Don’t come to the group with excuses, walk in the door with results.

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