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Does most of your work come from word of mouth or direct enquiries?

If you answered yes to the question above, then you are obviously good at what you do and know how to keep your clients happy. But is that really enough to get you to where you want to be? What happens when we don't get enough referrals? How do we make sure we aren't just getting the same type of work over and over again.

Staying exactly where we are and struggling to raise our prices? I've created a short guide that show you how to grow your client base without relying on word of mouth or spending thousands of pounds on paid advertising and SEO.

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Relying on referrals and word of mouth as your only source of work is risky and here’s why;

  • You have no other way of getting high quality clients when the referrals slow down or dry up completely
  • Referrals attracts the same type of clients so it’s hard to find better ones.
  • Often referrals are comparing your service providers on price and quality rather than experience and expect the moon on a stick.
  • You have to say yes to all referrals even if you aren’t passionate about the work. We all have bills to pay!

It’s great when things are going well, but what happens when things go off track? How do you take your business up a gear and find clients that pay you well and give you exciting projects consistently.

Over the past few years, I’ve helped hundreds of freelancers and small agency owners to win high value clients on a consistent basis, without using referrals and word of mouth. I’ve created a simple framework which will show you exactly how to do it for yourself in this short guide.

What the guide will teach you;

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    About the author

    Having run his own creative freelance business for over 7 years, Matt knows how difficult it can be to get the balance right, between doing work you love and paying the bills. Matt has worked with some of the UK's most successful entrepreneurs and coaches who taught him how to build a financially stable business on his terms. He is now on a mission to help established freelancers and small business owners in the creative industry to find meaningful work that has a positive impact in the world and create financial security.

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