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A short guide to finding and attracting your dream clients

Over the past few years, I’ve helped hundreds of freelancers and small agency owners to win high-value clients on a consistent basis, without using referrals and word of mouth. I’ve created a simple framework which will show you exactly how to do it for yourself in this short guide.

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Personal development

This is a reflection on why I believe you don’t need to focus on being ‘brilliant’, or even all that ‘talented’, to make an impact with your creative projects and make ripples in the world.  It’s a discussion about how, sometimes, the best work that we can do isn’t necessarily the work that’s screaming to…


We are all familiar with the days where it seems like time just flies by and we have very little to show for it. If you are self-employed or run your own business, it’s likely that you have experienced the struggle of being productive vs being busy at least a few times. This article aims…

Copywriting, Personal development

If you are a talented creative type stuck in a nine to five you hate, you are probably restless at work. Maybe even with life in general. Yup, I know how you feel! But let me tell you this, there are ways to earn a living as a freelancer doing the job you dream of….