This one mistake could be stopping you from winning more freelance work - Matt Essam

This one mistake could be stopping you from winning more freelance work

Have you ever spent quite a long time updating your portfolio, gathering new projects, making your website look great, and then you put it all out into the world for nothing to really happen? Ultimately, despite your best efforts, you didn’t get that flood of inquiries you were hoping for.

I remember I went through that exact process when I was running my freelance business. I spent so long getting the right projects on my portfolio, keeping my social media active, but it didn’t really seem to make much difference. My ideal clients didn’t come knocking at my door, and I couldn’t work out why. 

It wasn’t until I started spending time with some very successful freelancers and entrepreneurs that I realised I’d been missing a bit of a trick. It wasn’t that their portfolios were necessarily better than mine, or that they had better projects, or their websites were better, the difference was, they were much more focused on their clients, than themselves. Their websites didn’t talk about them that much. Instead, they talked about their clients and their clients’ problems. They were then very clear about why they were the best people to help solve those problems.

I realised I was so focused on myself and my services, and how great I was, that I had forgotten about my clients. As soon as I made that shift, everything changed for me. I started getting inquiries from people who I wanted to work with, and there seemed to be so much more opportunity. 

So, my question to you is – are you spending too much time focusing on yourself and building your portfolio, rather than focusing on your clients?

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